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Marko Sanković ⤴ is the person behind MALI NERED. He is a software engineer by 🎓, software craftsman by 💜, entrepreneur, tinkerer, open source contributor, polyglot programmer, web and mobile expert, embedded systems programmer enthusiast.

He is employed by Synapticon where he builds modeling and development tools, maintains infrastructure, writes code generators, develops tool for industrial network and writes applications that interface with physical objects.

Marko is partner at Belgrade based company ZeroEleven along with Nikola Živković and Ivan Bajalović. Our field of expertise is development of web and mobile applications, web services, distributed systems, databases, IT automation.

Recently Marko has devoted time in teaching young fellow software developers in the ways of software craftsmanship through workshops such as Rails for Girls and internship. Apply for intership at MALI NERED.